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​Bonus Activities

There are several ways to increase your leaderboard position through Bonus Activities. These activities are based on the various activities that are featured at IMEX America.

The activities are designed to help you think specifically about making healthy choices and keeping it all in balance. Even if you don’t walk, you can still qualify for prizes with the Bonus Activities. Once the Challenge has started, press the Bonus Activities selector ** in the Challenge App.

NOTE: During the Challenge within the App you can see all the Bonus Activities available by clicking on the 3 links in the upper right-hand corner of the main page. You will see a listing of Bonus Activities. This will take you directly to this website for ease of use. Feel free to stop by the Wellbeing Challenge desk if you have any questions.

Ways to Move to the Top of the Leaderboard to Earn Points

QR Code Scan-In

Participate in the various activities listed below and use the in-app Scan-In Module to scan Wellbeing Challenge QR codes and earn bonus points. Each activity is worth 1,000 bonus points; you can only scan each code once.

  1. Stop by the Wellbeing Challenge Desk to receive a Wellbeing Challenge sticker and get ready to network with other show participants. Meet other Challenge participants that are identified with the Challenge sticker throughout the show. Share with others what you want to learn during IMEX by using the in-app feature to scan others’ personal Connect QR codes.
    Location: Outside the main entrance of the IMEX Show
  2. Commit to the People & Planet Pledge: Follow this link and make your pledge. Everyone supporting the pledge can collect a ribbon at the IMEX Info Zone and scan the QR code for bonus points. Ribbons can be collected at the Inspiration Hub or the Info Zone.
    Location: Inspiration Hub or the Info Zone #F300
  3. Participate in the IMEX Run: Held on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, starting at 7:00 am. Register here to attend.  Registration is exclusive to participants at IMEX America.
    Location: The meeting point and main event support area is next to Mandalay Bay hotel and the Daylight Beach Club
  4. Attend one of Wellbeing Sessions on Smart Monday: See IMEX schedule of events for details.  The QR code will be place outside at the registration desk.
    Location: Tradewinds North Convention Center
  5. Attend one of the Wellbeing Wheel Sessions or the Coaching Corner during the Show: See IMEX schedule of events for details The QR Code will be placed near the sessions area.  Location: Inspiration Hub #F300
  6. Visit the Events Industry Council booth and talk about sustainability and the SEPC certificate with the EIC staff.
    Location:  Booth #F346
  7. Visit the Caesars Entertainment/Harrah’s Reimagined Booth and thank them for donating the Grand Prizes.
    Location: Booth #C3852
  8. Visit the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority booth and thank them for hosting IMEX America and providing U2 prizes for the Challenge.
    Location: Booth #C3842
  9. Attend a Google Xi CoLab workshop – Learn all that Google is doing to support the industry professional. Check the Schedule of Events for specific times.
    Location: Inspiration Hub # F300.
  10. Visit the Maritz booth and attend a session at the Maritz/DRPG “More Than Experience Theater.”
    Location: Booth # D3305


Connect with other Wellbeing Challenge participants via the Chat feature within the app and earn 500 bonus points for each message you enter per day with a maximum of 1,500 bonus points per day.

Social Connect

Meet other Wellbeing Challenge participants that are identified with the Challenge sticker throughout the show. Share with others what you want to learn during the event by using the in-app Social Connect feature to scan others’ personal Connect QR codes. You will earn 500 bonus points for each connection.


TraffickCam App

Once the Challenge has started, click on the TraffickCam App bonus activity within the Challenge app to download and learn more about the app and you will automatically earn 5,000 bonus points. As a part of the Wellbeing Challenge, we ask you to download the app and please continue to use the app every time you are in a hotel. It could save someone from being trafficked. This database of hotel rooms can assist the authorities in finding victims of human trafficking as many times victims are solicited online. Additionally, we encourage you to promote the app with your friends and family to help stop this horrendous crime.

By downloading this app, you can join the fight against human trafficking.

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) are not just about green choices. These strategic goals are about creating a society where all prosper. UN SDG #3 is good health and wellbeing of all people. UN SDG #10 is reducing inequities. One of the biggest hurdles in the way of achieving these goals is human trafficking. (To learn more about the UN SDGs, click here).

Our industry is committed to the fight against human trafficking and at Maritz it is core to our brand promise. As frequent travelers and industry professionals we can help in this fight. Thank you for your support.


The Challenge Leaderboard rotates among the top 25 steppers and then displays the top 5 teams (based on average number of points per team members). You can also view the Team Leaderboard in the app with Team rankings and Individual rankings of the members within your Team.

The leaderboard is refreshed approximately every 10 minutes once the Challenge has started.

* Supported devices and operating systems

** Bonus Activity:

On the Challenge app’s main dashboard, tap the Bonus Activities selector.

Press the Connect, Scan-In, TraffickCam App & Chat buttons and follow the app instruction to receive your bonus points.

*** For prizes:

You must be registered for IMEX America to participate and win prizes in this Challenge.


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