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​Team Challenge

New Team Competition in 2023

Taking Good Care of Yourself and Your Team at IMEX America

We know you will be immersed in the IMEX America experience, and it can be hectic. The Wellbeing Challenge Team Competition is a fun way to engage with your team and industry friends to prioritize your own wellbeing during the show. This year we have added a team competition element to the Challenge. There are two team competitions: 1) BUYers and EXHibitors. Grab at least 2 colleagues or friends to join the fun. Teams require 3 or more people.

TEAM REGISTRATION: We have had several EXHibitor teams pre-register for the Challenge. Don’t worry, you can set up a team until the Challenge begins. If you want to set up a team, please log into the app and within the registration process it will ask you to set up a team or join an existing team. This can be done for both the EXHibitor or the BUYer competition.

TWO COMPETITIONS: We have designed 2 team competitions. Details are below on each competition:

  1. Buyers Competition (BUY) – Are you a buyer and have some friends attending? Create a team when you join the Challenge and watch the competition kick in. When you sign up for the Challenge, create a team name and get moving. Who will be the first buyer team to win the bragging rights to IMEX America’s Wellbeing Challenge? Get your shoes ready!
  2. Exhibitors (EXH) – We are engaging the Exhibitor community for a little friendly competition. We launched the exhibitor Team Competition earlier this year at IMEX Frankfurt. Team New Zealand’s mighty team brought in the bragging rights of the first winner of IMEX Frankfurt. Who will win this privilege at IMEX America?

The following organizations have pre-registered a team:

  • Accor/Fairmont (EXH)
  • Caesars Entertainment (EXH)
  • Destination Canada (EXH)
  • Destination Colorado (EXH)
  • Fit City Fam (EXH)
  • Hyatt (EXH)
  • IMEX (STF)
  • Maritz (EXH)
  • Meetings Michigan (EXH)
  • Sonesta F1RST(EXH)
  • TeamBleau (EXH)

Both team competitions will be visible on the leaderboard throughout the show at the Wellbeing Challenge Desk and at the Maritz booth. There is also a Team Leaderboard within the app. When you are in the app, on the right-hand side you will find 3 bars, click there and you will see a tab for the Team Leaderboard.

Watch as these teams race to become the top exhibitor team and win the bragging rights for the 1st IMEX America Wellbeing Challenge Team Competition. Will the IMEX Frankfurt winner be able to hold the title at IMEX America? You will have to wait and see!


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